Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Past Post Posited

Please forgive this sudden shift in topic, but I was just flipping channels and found it interesting that on the eve of Hillary's victorious but moot coup de grĂ¢ce in West Virginia, the Encore "Drama" channel is airing "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle" for at least the third time during this political primary season (each time when Hillary's candidacy or motives were under scrutiny).

Rather than again posit the similarities some may see between that film and Hillary's ruthless tenacity, let me simply link you to this past post about a tale of character, motives, manipulation, and the hazards of misplaced trust. I didn't watch the movie this time, but in case you missed our lively discussion last fall, here's the link again.

(Theatrically speaking, I will say that after six months of auditioning various faces, cackles, and personalities, Senator Clinton's current rendition of herself [with Bill kept off screen] is one of her more appealing characters, but like this re-run, her would-be presidency is movie I'd rather not watch.)

Here is Maureen Dowd's take on Hillary's eventual demise as a candidate.

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