Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pelosi Loses Gavel: The Best News of the Night!

At least the best news as of 9:30 PM.

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tonight rejected numerous polls predicting a Republican landslide among House candidates and defiantly predicted that Democrats will retain control of the House of Representatives."

"The early returns and overwhelming number of Democrats who are coming out – we're on pace to maintain a majority in the House of Representatives," Pelosi told reporters during a photo op in Washington."

She was wrong--but there's nothing new about that.

Another bit of good news is that Joe Manchin, the Democrat who had to ran against Obama and literally shot Obama's "Cap and Tax" bill, won a seat in the Senate. His victory speech sounded more like a small government Republican speech, and that does not bode well for Obama. That may be a Democrat win but it is not good news for the Obama agenda.

Marco Rubio in Florida has risen from nowhere to become an eloquent Reagan-like leader and speaker who, now hearing his victory speech, will have the Democrats running scared for years to come. This guy is presidential material. Maybe not in 2012, but watch this young leader. He exudes humble confidence and is a natural influencer and TRUST builder.


Anonymous said...

Long time since coming here...no longer the bonofide WSL...moved to FL (but we're in a conservative bubble here).
Wisconsin won HUGE!!! Feingold is out which is a big one for sure. They now have a Republican Gov. The present one is a real knob and was taking the state down a slippery slope. This definately was an interesting day...the rest is yet to be seen!!!!
WSL...now probably should say now
Florida "Blue" Lady! LOL

patronus incognitus said...

Florida WSL or FBL,
It will take me a while to not call you WSL--Wisconsin Sandwich Lady.

Sorry I haven't been opining much lately. Life's pretty busy and I am suffering from Obamanomics, but God is good and in control.

Anonymous said...

I come by every so often...I miss the other's comments here. Living where I do (they call it "The Bubble") is refreshing as a large percentage of residents are conservative. Even the local radio station offers FoxNews (smile). Recently my husband and I were reminded NOT to put our trust in politicians, Washington or any man. As you say---God IS in control and noone is put into power without His say-so. I, for one, LOVED the interviews "W" has been doing. He's a class-act for sure! He even came to our community on this past weekend to promote his book (of course) but I missed seeing him. The crowds would have been terrible anyway. Keep on writing so I can read your thoughts! :-)
Always...WSL at heart!!!

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